Contact Us

If you need further assistance, please feel free to reach out to API Support at:

to open a new case with us.

We will be able to assist you in matters regarding Brink's External API, for example:
  • Formatting a request
  • Understanding an API response or result code
  • If your requests are failing or the API appears offline
  • General questions about using our API

Note: Please reply to us directly in your emails - a new case is created each time on our end if we are kept in the CC line.

Information to Provide

Before you reach out, please include any many details from the list below in your inquiry as applicable to your case:
  • AccessToken - the access token you are using for your API call
  • LocationToken - the location token you are using for your API call
  • Call Name and Service - the name of the call and to which service you're calling (e.g. GetOrders in Sales2.svc)
  • Endpoint - the endpoint you are trying to hit (e.g.
  • Location Name(s) and/or Group Name - the store name(s) of the locations and the name of the group they belong to
  • Request and/or Response - you can attach the request being sent and/or response received from Brink (in raw XML, if possible)
  • Screenshots and/or Attachments - you can attach screenshots or relevant files/documents that will give relevant context to the case
With this information, we will be able to better replicate and investigate your situation.

For Other Inquiries

If your inquiry is not related to the External API, there are other points of contact you can reach out to.

You can open up a case with Main Support at:

or by calling:

(800) 403-9027